Weekly Schedule

We're very much excited to hear from our audience on regular topics and suggestions as it relates to content creation for "do it yourself immigration". 

To that effect, we've created a list of programs running from Monday to Friday.

See below lists of topics to participate from.


Video Request

Every Monday we accept video requests and suggestions for new immigration video content. 

GMT -5

10:30 am


Program Suggestion 

Every Tuesday we accept program requests and suggestions for a new immigration program. 


9 am


Live Q & A Session

Every Wednesday we engage in live Q & A sessions with our audience.

GMT -5

2 pm - 6pm


News Update

Every Thursday we post regular blog updates as it relates to immigration. 


6 am


New Video Uploaded

Every Friday we post regular video updates as it relates to immigration. 


11 am


About Us

Do it yourself immigration is a free community-driven step-by-step immigration tutorial guide meant to educate the general public about the step-by-step process involved in applying, filing, and processing an application


All content and materials are prepared and presented by volunteering individuals. All answers and suggestions are strictly based on personal experience, or researched findings. It is in no way, shape, or form a piece of legal advice, as such, we encourage our audience to seek legal advice from a regulated immigration consultant before making any decisions.